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S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N S   A N D   C O M M I S S I O N S​​

2023             ARC: Grizedale Forest, Lake District, Cumbria.

                     Private Sculpture Commission.

2022             Wriggle: Grizedale Forest, Lake District, Cumbria.

2019             Design: Paradise Ice Cream Parlour, Alnwick, Northumberland.

                     Private Sculpture Commission.

2017 -18       Interior Design: Barter Books Alnwick, Northumberland.

                     Private commissions.

2016             Drawings: The Gallery, Gateshead

2015             Charcoal Earth Paper. Stables Gallery, Cheeseburn, Northumberland.

2013 - 15      Lighting & Interior Design: Barter Books Alnwick, Northumberland.

2012 - 14      Gateway Sculpture: Consett, County Durham

2011              Recent Work. Fifiefofum Gallery. Northumberland
2009 - 10      Swirl: Commission, Baltic Place, Gateshead
                     This & That: Commission, Metro Centre. Gateshead
2008             Spire: Chelmsford, Essex.
                     Swirl Cone: Commission, Carmarthen Gateways, Carmarthen, Wales
2007             Starball: Commission. EMBI Institute, Genome Centre, Cambridge
2006             Brick Ball: Commission. Holmebrook Valley Park, Chesterfield
                     Industrial Estate Signage. Wansbeck DC Northumberland
2005             Bond: Commission. Civil Court, East Road, Cambridge
                     You: Commission. Genome Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge
                     Industrial Estate Signage. Wansbeck DC Northumberland
2004             Recent Work: Red Box Gallery. Newcastle Upon Tyne
                     Rain: Commission.  Millennium Square, Sheffield
2003             Ring: Commission Jubilee Ind Est. Wansbeck Council Norhumberland
2001             Design for Sound Reduction Barriers M1 & M62 Motorways
                     Roundy: Mining Memorial Sculpture Commission.Usher Moor,Co.Durham.
                     Ship: Sculpture Commission, Jarrow Town Centre.
                     Ship: Drawings & Sculpture Viking Gallery, Jarrow
                     Beacon: Sculpture Commission. Resource Centre, Wakefield.
2000             Villes et Valises: Strasbourg, France
1999             Design for Sculpture: Seacroft Green, Leeds.
                     Eye: Sculpture Commission; Galloway Forest, Dumfries.
1998             Meteor: Sculpture Commission; Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield.
                     Design Commission, Gates, Henshaw Arts & Crafts Centre. Knaresborough.
                     Sculpture Commission; Galloway Forest, Dumfries.
                     Design Commission, Seating,Tyne and Wear Metro.
                     Sculpture Commission: Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
1997             Broken Wave: Isis Gallery, Melrmerby, Cumbria.
                     Voices in Stone: (Collaboration with writer Joan Poulson)
                     Durham Art Gallery and Norton Priory Museum, Cheshire. 
1996             Earthworks: The Powerhouse, Casula, N.S.W. Australia.
                     Peaks and Waves: Customs House, South Shields.
                     Floating Rocks: Watergate, Gateshead.
                     Design Commission, Silver Medal Award Garden Design for Gateshead, Chelsea Flower Show.
1995             Design Commission, Street Furniture, Gateshead Town Centre.
                     Earthworks: Lewers Gallery, Penrith, N.S.W. Australia.
                     Whirling Beans: Sculpture Commission, Kielder Forest, Northumberland.
                     Sculpture Commission, Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
1994             Stone Cone: Beamish, County Durham.

1993             Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland.
1992 - 93      Edge to Edge: Sculpture Commission, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.
1992             Night and Day: Tree and Ground Sculptures, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
1990             Design Commission, International Engineering Award.
1989             Rolling Moon: Banks of the River Tyne, Gateshead.
                     Design Commission, British Alcan, Lynemouth UK Ltd.
1988             Sculpture Commission, Glasgow Garden Festival.
1986             Window: Sculpture Commission, Rawling Road, Gateshead.
1981 & 85    Sculpture in Grizedale Forest, Cumbria.
1982             Drawings & Sculpture:  Wallsend Art Gallery, Tyne & Wear.
1979             Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
1978             Selected Work:  Calouste Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle.
                     Drawings and Sculpture: Wallsend Arts Centre, Tyne and Wear.


G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S

2018 -20       Sculpture At Cheeseburn, Northumberland.

2017.            Open: with Charlie Poulsen & Pauline Burbidge, Allenbank, Chirnside, Scotland

2014 - 17      Sculpture At Cheeseburn, Northumberland.

2015             The Stone Wall Gallery, Cruiksfield, Preston, Duns.            

2012             International Sculpture Festival. Kiev, Ukraine.

                     Summer Exhibition, Westside Gallery, Northumberland.
2011             Sculpture At The Grove: Hertfordshire.
2008             Newcastle Group. Closing Exhibition. University Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
                     Summer Exhibition, Limberhurst Arts Centre, Cambridge
                     Northern Print Studio, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
2006             Sculpture In The Park, Saltwell Park, Gateshead.
2003             Group Exhibiton: Nissan UK.  Sunderland
2002             Agenda: The Gallery, Newcastle Arts Centre
                     World Contemporary Print: Art House, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
                     Journey of Stones: Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland. Scotland & European Tour.
2001             Design Exhibition, Design centre, Barnsley
                     Journey of Stones.: Galerie de Beerenburght, Holland.
1999             Newcastle Group. Tree of Life: International Centre of Life, Newcastle.
                     Links & Connections: Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland.
1998             Sculpture in the Garden 1: Wylam, Northumberland.
                     Links & Connections:  L Gallery, Moscow.
                     Newcastle Group: City Art Gallery,Newcastle, NSW, Australia; & Tour.
                     Greenham Common Sculpture Project, Royal Society of British   Sculptors, London.
                     The Third Area: Newcastle Group. The Gallery, Gateshead.
1997             Sculpture Trail:  Lewes, Sussex.
                     Northern Print: Sandgate House, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
                     Cityscape: Newcastle Upon Tyne.
                     North East Artists: Sloane Square, London.
1996             Artlanta: (Selected Artists from North East England) Hatton Gallery, 

                     Newcastle Upon Tyne and King Plow, Atlanta, U.S.A.
                     Great North Forest: Durham Art Gallery.
                     Sightlines: Honiton, Devon.
                     Exchange of Views : Washington Arts Centre, County Durham.
                     Northern Rock Art: Durham Art Gallery.
                     Public Art: Sunderland University.
                     Four Seasons: The Gallery, Gateshead.
                     Watermarks: Northern Print Studio, Customs House, South Shields.
                     Newcastle Group: J.D. Gallery, Corbridge, Northumberland.
1995             Middlesbrough Open 95: Middlesbrough Art Gallery.
                     Newcastle Group: Design Works, Gateshead.
                     Newcastle Group: The Barracks, Berwick Upon Tweed.
                     Towards a Place for Art: Surikov Institute, Moscow.
1994 -97       Sculpture at Goodwood: Hathill Foundation, Sussex.
                     Newcastle Group:  Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.
1993             Ha-Ha: Killerton Park, Devon.
                     Newcastle Group, Latvia Academy of Art, Reiga.
                     Doxford International, Sunderland.
1992             Newcastle Group, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
                     Newcastle Group, Tampera Art Museum, Finland.
                     Alfresco: Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland.   

1991             Newcastle Group, Northern Lights: DLI Gallery, Durham;
                     JD Gallery, Corbridge, Northumberland;  &   Design Works, Gateshead.
                     National Garden Festival, Gateshead.
                     Festival Landmarks '90: Central Library, Gateshead.
1990             Newcastle Group, Bergens Kunstforening, Bergen, Norway.
                     Small Works: Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
1989             Art London '89: Olympia, London.
                     Four Sculptors: RIBA, London.
1988             Steel Sculpture: Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Wantijpark, Dordrecht, West Germany.

                     Landscape & Environment: Ward Jackson Park and Grey Art Gallery, Hartlepool.
                     Summer Exhibition: Polytechnic Gallery, Newcastle.
                     Glass House Exhibition: Westgate Road, Newcastle.
                     Newcastle Group: Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.
                     Newcastle Group: Grunigen, Holland.
                     Sculpture in the Forest: Grizedale, Cumbria.
                     Steel Sculpture:  Middleheim Statpark, Antwerp, Belgium.
1987             International Sculpture Symposium: Krefeld, West Germany.
                     Newcastle Group: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle.
1986             Friends of Hatton Exhibition: Hatton Gallery, Newcastle.
                     Holbeck Triangle Project: Bond Street, Leeds.
                     Impressions of Jarrow: Bede Gallery, Jarrow.
                     Art in Public Places: Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.
1985             A Sense of Place: Sunderland Arts Centre, and UK Tour.
1984             Attitudes 1: Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
1982             Small Works: Polytechnic Art Gallery, Newcastle.
                     Anniversary Exhibition, Polytechnic Art Gallery, Newcastle.
1979             Northern Young Contemporaries: Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.
1978             Recent Work by Graduates: Newcastle Polytechnic.
                     The Northern Art Exhibition: Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, and UK Tour.
1977             International Drawing Biennial: Cleveland Gallery, Middlesbrough and World Tour.
1975             Northern Young Contemporaries: Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.


C O L L E C T I O N S   A W A R D S   R E S I D E N C I E S   P U B L I C A T I O N S


2003             Edge to Edge. monograph - Marina Vaizey & Ian Thompson, Published Blackdog
2001             Winner. National Design Award M1 Sound Barriers. Yorkshire.
1995             Artist Exchange, Lewers Gallery, Penrith NSW and the University of  Western Sydney, Australia.
1994 - 96      Resident Artist, Great North Forest.
1992             Winner, Northern Electric Visual Arts Award.
1991 - 92      Henry Moore Foundation Bursary at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
1989             Artist in Residence, Arts in Schools Project, Northumberland and North Tyneside.
1987             Northern Arts Travel Award.
1985 - 86      Northern Arts Major Bursary.
1984              Mid-Nag Production Award.
1982             Arts Council GB Purchase.
1980 & 84     Northern Arts Purchase Awards.

1979             Northen Arts Purchase Award

1977             Arts Council GB Award

Works in Regional and National Collections.




2000 - 06      Head of Sculpture, Fine Art, Sunderland University.

1987 - 99      Part-time Lecturer: School of Architecture, Newcastle University.

                     Fine Art, Sunderland University.

1977 - 99      Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art at Northumbria University, Sunderland University,                      

                     Newcastle College, Bretton Hall College, Newcastle University.

1977 - 79      University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.  M.F.A.

1973 - 76      Northumbria University.  B.A. Hons.

Lives and works in Northumberland.

dark - 1976 colin rose
parcel 1981 - colin rose
cup 1978 - colin rose
rock 1976 - colin rose
little rock and roll 1996 - colin rose
anonymous shadow 1978 - colin rose
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