I work with a range of materials and elements that are led by the ideas that inform the works. 


From the early use of domestic allegories to later abstract pieces, my work has been concerned with the nature and substance of the world we inhabit; where recurring themes of place, the fabric of what we are and what we are in, mixed with music, a sense of humour and play, have directed my enquiry.


PLay and the excitement of making are very important to me. They underlie all that I do in the handling and shaping of materials, and run through all of my work, from large-scale site-specific landscape pieces, to small self-referential pieces that belong in the hand. In recent works I have turned my focus inward to question further what it is that we see, and 'what we are'.


Alongside handling and shaping objects, which can at times, involve long processes, I have always held a passion for the immediacy and sensitivity of drawing and mark making and the excitement that this creates, of being on an edge; where a work could easily be lost with one move.



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