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I work with a range of materials and elements that are led by the ideas that inform the works. These range from large-scale site-specific landscape pieces, to small self-referential pieces that belong in the hand.

My early work involved altering pieces of furniture and using domestic allegories to explore ideas of place and identity. These themes, continued to evolve in later abstract pieces, which I began to site in the landscape, often borrowing from the landscape, by placing elements to become part of the ‘whole’. 

My ongoing interest in Philosophy and Physics, that questions the fabric of the world we inhabit, ‘what we are’ and ‘what we are in’ has played a large part of my development, where recurring themes of seeds, and the fascination of internal and external space of objects have often led my enquiry.

In recent works I have turned my focus inward to question further an understanding of what it is that we see, and 'what we are'.

Alongside the handling and shaping objects, which can involve long processes, I have always held a passion for the immediacy and sensitivity of drawing, with its freedom and focus of mark making in space. Often leading to being on an edge, where a work could easily be lost with one move.



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